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Your coverage on the Sunrise mobile broadband network
Sunrise Freedom – Outstanding quality doesn’t need to be expensive.
Our Sunrise Freedom mobile subscriptions with services included do not have a minimum duration and offer maximum flexibility. Customize your subscription at any time to suit your needs.
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Important information
The information provided by Sunrise Communications on mobile network coverage is intended for reference purposes only and is not to be regarded as binding for the availability of mobile services. Gaps in coverage can occur, even in areas that are shown as covered, especially in buildings, tunnels and heavily wooded areas. Network coverage depends on the end device and on network capacity usage, as well as on topographical and atmospheric conditions. As the mobile phone network automatically directs the end device to the best possible signal, the technology used (2G, 3G or 4G) may differ from that indicated on the coverage map.

  • 2G allows for problem-free calling and SMS/MMS texting. The surfing speed is rather slow, but sufficient for small quantities of data (e.g. weather apps, e-mail, etc.).

  • 3G provides high-speed mobile data service. Browsing speeds of up to 42 Mbit/s make your online experience a real highlight.

  • 4G is the latest generation of mobile phone networks. LTE stands for "long term evolution" and is the same as 4G. 4G lets many more customers take advantage of high-speed mobile Internet simultaneously without any glitches. The 4G mobile phone network enables ultra-fast surfing at up to 100 Mbit/s, which means extremely short loading times and rapid response times for the best surfing experience on the mobile phone network.
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